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Danuta’s Healing hands will lead you into a world of relaxation and regenerations. Soothing sounds will de-stress both the body and mind to help you relax and unwind.  Each treatment is customized according to your unique skin and your desired outcome.

Eve Lom Facial
by Vogue

“Eve Lom’s cleanser cemented her status in the skincare-hall-of-fame and her signature facial is the equivalent of a cup of tea and a biscuit; traditional but essential in every woman’s beauty lexicon.
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Add in Danuta’s reassuring hands and you are on a return path to glory.
After a thorough cleanse to dissolve make-up and remove dulling dead skin cells, a hick coating of warm paraffin wax, designed to open up blocked pores, is liberally poured on. Following a thorough extraction the camphor and eucalyptus mask returns you to your daydreams. The deep lymphatic massage stops sinus pain in an instant.